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Weight bearing (bague porteuse) for rudder axis on OVNI 435

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Weight bearing (bague porteuse) for rudder axis on OVNI 435

Messagede guidobaroni » 05 Mai 2014, 20:05

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I post an additional question for the rudder parts that I am currently looking for.
I had from Alubat (Monsieur Pierre-Yves Mesnier) all the information regarding the rudder spare parts and I can reccommend his contact for any related issue. I am purchasing a whole kit of spare parts.
I am still missing the load support bearing which was located between the rudder attachment and the first "bague" on the axis. As you see in the photo we replaced it with a small rope.

I read on the forum something about the VESCONITE material. Does anyone know where I can have this piece designed and manufactured ? Any useful info ?
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O nouveau
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Re: Weight bearing (bague porteuse) for rudder axis on OVNI 435

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