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Daggerboard anodes

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Daggerboard anodes

Messagede Gaia Soul » 14 Juin 2016, 17:15

Hello friends, I'm the owner the UFO 52 ', number 01, and I would like to know about the anodes systems in daggerboard and rudders in other UFOs models. My boat has two years and already has a serious breakdown daggerboard, giving the impression that this suffering delamination. I noted that there is no anodes in daggerboard, only in the both rudders!
I want to know, if the other OVNIS models with retractable daggerboard has anodes protection.
Best Regards,

Marcelo Telles
Gaia Soul
O nouveau
O nouveau
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Re: Daggerboard anodes

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Re: Daggerboard anodes

Messagede Maria » 24 Aoû 2016, 16:20

Question finally answered here : http://www.ovniclub.com/forum/anodes-derive-t1346.html, in general no
anodes on centerboards/daggerboards, just on rudders
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