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Ovni 32 C.E. rating and stability

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Ovni 32 C.E. rating and stability

Messagede cj88 » 29 Mai 2017, 02:21

I'm looking at purchasing an Ovni 32. My understanding is that yachts manufactured from 1998 would have been required to have a C.E. category rating. Does anybody know if they had a Category A C.E. rating? Are there any stability curves, AVS or STIX figures for them? My issue is eventually the yacht will be based in New Zealand and to sail offshore again it will require a Category 1 certificate (only required for NZ registered boats) to exit the country and one of the things they want is proof of stability.
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Inscription: 29 Mai 2017, 02:03

Re: Ovni 32 C.E. rating and stability

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