Looking for advice...

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Looking for advice...

Messagepar Dirk » 02 Avr 2016, 09:09

Bonjour OVNIClub,

because it is not so easy to get good information from experienced owners of a OVNI in Germany I read for a few months in this useful forum - for this possibility first thank you to all members and organizers!

I plan very seriously to buy buy a Ovni 35, 36, 39, or 345, 365, 385 therefore I would like to visit some boats that are moored in Europe and buy the most suitable boat at the end of this sailing season. I am looking for an older boat with a significant repair needs which I can refit in winter storage. A total budget of around 150T € is my limit.

This mentioned I have a few questions for the experienced owner in this forum:

- Are there, in addition to the usual online-boat-markets and agents, other ways to find a suitable Ovni?
- Are there some forum-members who have rebuilt their Ovni in own performance and can give me an opinion about the foreseen budget?
- Do someone know this Ovni 39, and is it despite the location a buying opportunity? http://caraibe-yachts.com/en/secondhand.php?id=1044&boat=Alubat+Ovni+39+1991

I hope I have placed no unreasonable or insufficiently worded question and would be glad to get a feedback from the owner community!

Merci, Dirk
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Re: Looking for advice...

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Re: Looking for advice...

Messagepar Maria » 24 Août 2016, 15:23

Hello Dirk ans welcome,
Believe your question is too vast to get an answer, if you try more specific questions you 'll increase your chances to get some anwsers. Good luck
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Re: Re: Looking for advice...


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