New member looking for a boat

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New member looking for a boat

Messagepar Balance55 » 20 Juin 2015, 14:15

Hello all

I am new to this forum! My husband and I would like to buy a boat to take cruising. We are looking seriously at Ovnis as we currently sail and race a trailer sailer 7.8m boat with centreboard and like the idea of a centreboard in a cruising boat, so we have planned a trip to UK and Europe this August. The only issue is, we have never sailed an Ovni. We are from Sydney Australia and seldom see an Ovni in our part of the world, let alone get the chance to test sail one.

Can anyone here suggest the best way to get a ride on an Ovni to confirm if this is the boat for us? Also if anyone is selling their Ovni and in the UK/Europe in August, we would love the chance to meet with you if the timing works.

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Re: New member looking for a boat

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Re: New member looking for a boat

Messagepar Dummy » 20 Juin 2015, 20:05

Hello and welcome to the OvniClub Marcelle !
There is an Alubat agent in Brisbane, Quensland, which often has used ovni boats for sale. Understand this is not up your street, but stil closer than Europe !
I have also met nice Aussies in the past owning an Ovni 435 named "Wanda" registered in Sydney. Dont know if you have a way to check whether this boat is currently staying in a Sydney harbor; calling the main harbors for sailboats ??
Otherwise if you are still planning to come over to Europe for other reasons, you should contact the Alubat yard in advance which should be able to organize a ride on one Ovni for a couple of hours. Should you prefer a longer trial, you could also rent one e.g. an Ovni 365 in La Trinité sur mer, for a week and sail along the coast of Britanny ...
Good luck and fair winds, Kev
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Re: Re: New member looking for a boat


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