Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44

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Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44

Messagepar Careka » 15 Nov 2009, 20:03

The Ovni 445 and the Allures 44 is tested , for a long weekend, sailing in Norway.


the test will be seen in this magasin later this winther, i will tell you when,

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Re: Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44

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Re: Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44

Messagepar Dummy » 15 Nov 2009, 21:37

Hello Careka !
Many thanks for the heads up ... and yes pls. let us know once the test results are published . Quite interesting !
Thanks, Kevin

Link to the test (in Norwegian :P ) : Seilas test Ovni 445 vs Allures 44
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Re: Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44

Messagepar Dummy » 15 Avr 2010, 11:46

Here is a translation from Norwegian into English by Careka, of excerpts from this Seilas article. We thank Careka very much for taking the time to do this !

Two boats for a tough tour !
Aluminium is a preferred hull material for long trip expeditionary sailors. Two experienced sailors have tested the Ovni 445 against the Allures 44 on a maritime tour during a long weekend in October.

The first duel

Neither Peter Eye selling Allures, or Hans Lange has seen or heard that these boats have been tested against each other ever, but the Ovni 445 is a new boat, which has been launched last winter.
"When comparing the ocean aluminum boats with swing keel, she is (Allures 44) in first class when it comes to speed and behavior. I believe she can be compared with regular keel boats that are built in large series" This quote from Michel Desjoyeaux is collected from the magazine Voile & Voiliers, September 2004, quoted in the Allures commercial folder. If one is to interpret the quote from the well-known solo sailor Desjoyeaux more directly, as he believes Allures sail faster and higher than Ovni, like a Sun Odyssey or Bavaria. It was certainly correct in 2004, but our test went out on whether it still holds today, after Ovni has launched the 445 model designed by Marc Lombard.
Ovni also parted away from Allures and uses the slogan "100 percent aluminum", with a clear hint to the fiberglass made deck & roof of Allures.

Nominated for boat of the year

Ovni 445 was nominated for Boat of the Year in Familyturseilerklassen, while Allures 44s storesøster, Allures 51, was nominated for the Year of the Boat luksusturseilerklassen. Allure 51-feet reminds very much the Allures 44.
Neither boat reached the top, but was very well liked by the jury. Both boats were tested outside of Ijmuiden in the Netherlands. These boats dropped slightly through, because of the cheap basic sails and standard propellers. The boats tested in Norway are different. Both had good quality sails and self-feathering propellers. The Ovni 445 had sails in spectratraduk from Gran Sail, sail båtkonstruktø-
FIND AUDUN Bostad: Voyage 'trip expert. Sailed to the Caribbean with his family in 2008/2009 in Forgus 44 Now works in Asker Båtservice.
pure Marc Lomard boasted of when I try sailed the boat for the first time with him in May 2009. Allure had Epex-sail from Elvstrøm. Moulded sails with protective taffeta fabric.

Very close

Ovni 445 and Allure 44 have very much in common, both strengths and weaknesses. The largest differences are at a cosmetic level, and some technical details. Both boats have a retractable keel and ballast in the bottom of the boat. Both also have two shallow rudders. This means that they can be sailed in shallow water.
With the keel down nor will a grounding cause problems. Both keels (boards) would swing back astern if one should be unlucky with the navigation.
- It is not only in Scandinavian waters that it is a big advantage with keel. There are many exciting shallow waters, and
such boats can get through shallow passes into the lagoons, "says Petersen.
One advantage of aluminum is that a lot of deck fitting can be welded on. Mark Held and number of supports on both boats mounted with no holes in the deck, making the chances of leaks minimal.
Allures has a broader rig with a 109 percent jib, while Ovni has a large Genoa. Allures 'rig is becoming increasingly popular. A mindre headsails are easier to deal with the intersection, but a great Genoa is an advantage at the veil of light wind, if one lacks a gennaker.

Ovni have straight shaft, but Allures has sailsbåtdrev which is protected behind a fin.
Both boats have a proper stowage of forpiggen and anchor well. The living room is great for long trips sailing, for here you can sail room, large fenders and

GOOD PLACE: Both Ovni (top) and Allures have solid anchor wells and a convenient stowage in the bow that comes in handy on long trips for any diving or kite equipment. The living room, the Ovni's room is slightly larger than the Allures. Both boats have a targa bar over the transom for mounting a road trip as radar equipment, antennas and wind generator.
Both boats have a well insulated hull. Of lukewarm on the heater, there was a constant comfortable temperature below deck on both boats, even at the end of October.

Proper size

The larger the boat the safer it is at sea, says expert trip Find Audun Bostad. There is a big difference between being aboard a boat under 40 ft versus a boat over 40 feet in tough conditions. A big boat's length and weight provide a more comfortable journey.
In a boat over 40 feet it is not just enough berths and big enough galley and bathroom. In a 44-footer there is the living space to set prices when you are looking for a long time.
The disadvantage of a large boat is, of course price, but also that the forces are greater. Many boats of this size have electric anchorwinches, an electric winch fall and perhaps bow propeller, which makes it possible to sail with a limited crew, even on boats of the-s size. But it is also an advantage to have a boat with a minimum of leamikk might go to pieces, and if it breaks, have a backup opportunity. On a boat of this size do you manage to hoist the sails without electric winch and probably also bring up the anchor without a windlass.
In order to sail along the Norwegian coast is an advantage with small boat coming in, in most harbors. These ships have retractable keel and provides great opportunities for sailing in shallow waters. Retractable keel is an advantage in waters with a high tidal difference.


The opportunity to sail in shallow water costs. Do you love to know the boat's balance sheet through the fingertips at the helm, this is not the boat for you. Boats on the steering feels lifeless, and the response is almost absent. Both boats have two shallow rudder and a keel swung astern into the hull. Both boats have a keel-like keel on a Snipe, a metal plate with rounded corners.
But for long trips sailing, this is not a problem. Then it pretty much auto-pilot do the job. Both sailors long trip and I filled out the test form with a scale from zero to ten. Poengsscoringen showed clear sailing tripne think differently than I'm used to sail better and faster boats. While my points on the sailing characteristics lay between four and five, were both Petersen and Bostad points flourlom seven and eight. Tues was the best.
The conclusion of the test was that the boats sailed quite similar, and it was seilkonfigurasjo-tion which decided the move. We started in light wind on the veil. Genuan on Ovnien did it slipped from, but Allure replied with a Code Zero and was trading profit. In light intersections Ovnien have an advantage, but when genuan becomes too great, the Allure with jib having an advantage.
Allure offers a little more response than the control Ovni, but the differences are not large. Both boats are demanding to sail optimally on the bright cross, but it is not these boats made. It gets easier when you get out a few inches at the seams and some degree of exchange rate. We experienced losing control of both the boats when we pressed them, and had the feeling that the rudders of Allure was slightly better than Ovni.

Internal ballast

The boats get their stability from weight at the bottom of the hull. Allure have lead molded into the hull with epoxy. Ovni use iron. Iron is cheapre, but is less dense and therefore will take more space with the same righting moment. It goes beyond the living room space.
Ballast objection in the boat is less effective than in the bottom of the keel. Both boats weigh a little over ten tons, and Allures have added 4.2 tonnes of lead, while Ovni have managed with 3.4 tonnes of iron. We felt that both boats had fox relatively early, and we felt not that Allures had the upper hand because of more ballast on the cross. It is possible that Ovnis hull stability offset Allure ballast advantage.
Internal ballast will not improve their sailingcreates, but it gives the boat smoother movement through the water. We had not tested it in rough seas, but this is at least in theory. Both boats feel safe at sea.

Not easy to manoeuver in a harbour

We were a little unsure of the depth of Åsgårdstrand port. In order not to get stuck we raised the board at Allures. Going with the engine without a keel was a strange experience, and far from easy. The wind caught the boat as a motor boat and pulled it sideways. Turning radius was much larger. For handling with the keel up in a port, a bow thruster is to be recommended. Also with the keel down, these boats are a little more tricky to manoeuver than a normal sailboat of this size. Dual rudders create challenges. Ovni has partly solved the challenge by putting the 2 rudders close to each other, so that the propeller stream affects the helm. Allures has been sailing boat drifted propellean far forward, so that the propeller stream will be allowed to spread and now the reed. Propeller Power on the rudder is important to turn the boat without it moving much ahead. None of the boats can be compared to boats with twin rudders. These boats will therefore require a little more space to turn around if they are not equipped with bow thruster. Ovnis tight propellers appear to give the boat a slight advantage to the Allure of the engine, but loses a little of this solution under sail.

Allures fastest under engine

Both boats are equipped with a 55 hp Volvo Penta by default. At Allures, this 44 was upgraded with the Volvo Penta 75 hp. Allures was faster for the engine with a lavvere speed.
Both boats had folding propellers. Ovnien did meet a Kiwi-prop just before the test. Hans Lange believes that the propeller was not as effective under the engine standardDarden trebladers fixed propeller. Allure was equipped with J-prop, a prop from France who Peter describes as an Eye videreutwound "Max prop. Peter Eye has even adjusted rise in the propellbladene so that engine speed is at 2800 rpm and cruising flourlom 2000-2300 rpm. Ovnien had no chance to follow the Allures of the cruising speed, and was almost half knots for the same tripnumbers. Typical cruising speed was about seven and a half knots. Allures slightly above and slightly below Ovni.
I had thought that Allure willle gone style reading of the two because of the sailboat-driven, but the engine made a weak resonance in the hull that made the noise was a bit highers below deck than in Ovnien.
By closing the door behind the bath and aft cabin, we reduce a noise.

Different cockpits

On board the Allures 44 is not easy to see that you sail an aluminium boat. Covered in metal, but the superstructure and cockpit are molded in fiberglass. It provides possible units for smoother, rounder formore with higher finish. Allures has chosen a relatively standard cockpit solution. Ovni have cockpition made of aluminum and looks røfFERE out. It also has some distinctive details that are typical of the yard. Benches are abnormally low. It seems strange when you sit down, but under sail does its job perfectly. The lower you sit in a cockpit, the safer and more comfortable you sit. The helmsman is the original place. You sit on pushpiten with butt off transom. The solution funID acts well, and makes the cockpit sizere in that rattpidestallen can flowtes akaterover.
The cockpit of the Ovni is 2.4 meters long, 20 cm longer than the Allures. Measuring one with seat on pushpiten Ovnis cockpit is even longer.
Both of our testers trip equalste Ovnis original cockpit and gave the higher points score than Allures. During the year's boat-testingene was Ovnis cockpit discussed, and the points were shared. A datenalist said that he felt uncomfortable on the seat behind the wheel.
Ovni have benches of teak lists that lead the water away on thepage. A smart solution set Monter appreciate the tough sailing. Hans Lange selling Ovni in Scandinavia have mounted a glass screen in front of cockpition such as Hallberg-Rassy, a custom solution that fits engoccasional conditions well.

Solid rig

Both boats have rigs with Kutterstag and checkstays to tightenwe kutterstaget when in use and to prevent the mast pumpper. Ovni also have a shared under-bar which prevents the pumping of the mast lower section. The Allures 44 yesterday overcame all the way to skutesiit, whereas under the usual going out to edge of the cabin. It gives a good passage out on the deck.
Both boats have løygangen on the deck and the mainsail sheet on the cottage roof, which is not everyken my trip or the experts' favorite solution. But it is a security risk and have løygangen in the cockpit if you should get an unintentional jibe.
Ovni double aft stays, but no tightening capability, which is an advantage at the intersection. We rigged to an exchange system that solved tension problem.
Ovni have standard genuavinsj at 54, but upgraded to 58 You need a powerful winch to a Genoa over the jib at Allures. Allures has the default 50, but upgraded to 54
Find Audun Bostad think both boats were too poorly adaptedset a solo sailing and would have resulted in lines behind the helmsman, at least mainsail sheet.
- During a vindrosse one is forced to hand steering. It is an advantage if one can be fox without waking the crew. Behind the wheel, you will also gain a better overview of the mainsail when the foxes. Ropes are hyttetaing just to get a more estetsik cockpit, according to trip the expert.


A sailing trip will book his boat for personal wishes. It is possible with the boats we tested. Many options are a trackke, and shipyards can tailor solutions for customers beyond standard solutions.
Ovni 445 comes with two or three cabins. Hans Lange's boat has three, but he has made a number of adaptations. The cabin provided he has inserted a child bunk on the starboard side. He has also turned the map table and had placed a separate shower room in front of the port aft cabin and a map table. The bench in the salon are cut to fit a dieselovn.
Allures 44 can be supplied with two, three or four cabins. Peter Eye in Alizé Yachts ordered the boat with two cabins, but have removed the toiletstion front, so that forpiggen are gigantic. Eye has also checked in most of the equipment list, both above deck and below deck. At tire Eye ordered plastbeplace that looks like teak. He believes that a genuine teak deck will not fit on an aluminum.
I fell for cooling boxes at Allures, which consists of large Skuffer that can be extracted. Lange says that such Ovni can also be supplied with such an option.

Good technical solutions

I do not have enough knowledge to evaluate the welding work or the technical side of the hull contions, but both boats are built with the same aluminumumskvalitet. Allures has a flat hull with double curved plater. Ovni built cheaper flat plates with buckling collateral. It gives Ovni a character that may not all think is just stunning.
The decor of both boatsne seems solid. The dimensioning is proper. The electrical plant impresrer most of Allures, where all the wires are tinned. Keel system on Ovnien hoisted by a hydraulicLiska pump. At Allures controlled the keel with two hauling that goes up to the deck through a steel pipe, and to-back to the cockpit.
If you are interested in technical solutions and installation can be sitting for hours in the stowageprogram under the cockpit of Allures and study.
Johan J. Petersen was responsibleret to see the sikkerhetsmessink the boats. Both boats are generally high scores points for most points. He believes that the fire extinguishers cage they get further and not be mounted inside the cabinet. Both boats are also less good score on the GRIpetak in the cockpit. Ovnien turn Allure of protection cockpition.

The style differs
Boats feature is very similar, but the style differs. Ovni is like an unshaven lumberjack, while Allures nybabert a gentLeman. Ovnien is furnished in oak. Craft provide a style that is reminiscent of a cabin. Dickenson diesel stove fits well on board the boat. Allure selected cherries with glossy surfaces and fancy lighting, a style more reminiscent of an exclusive hotel. On board finenes an advanced vannbårent heating system with separate heat control in all zones. Costly accessories of course. Oak is a harder threethan black cherry, and will probably endure a rough treatment better.
- We emphasize that all on board to enjoy themselves. More light, better views of the water and more air are factors we emphasize. -Women should also like the boat. We have developed a concept we kallaughs Women Acceptance Factor, "says Xavier Desmarest, who started Allures, together with a colleague. Allures stand out from the mass less than Ovni. Templates Mon hull will look like any modern sailboat.
The rough style of Ovni will probably scare some customers, but our trip sailors like it. On the form of subjective vurderinger equalize Find Audun Bostad Ovni and Allures when it comes to concept, but he likes Ovni better below deck. Allures, however, is the favorite over the deck.
John Petersen gives Ovni full score of concept, and provides higher grades.

Ovni is the les costly

Both vessels come with sails, shore power and anchor winches as standard. Ovni is a bit boat easier to produce. Iron instead of lead and hit the reverse making it more affordable than Allures. Ovnien start at 2.8 million, Allures while costs of three million. Ovnien is then equipped for Nordic conditions and has a insulated hull throughout. This is extra Allure and costs about 45,000 kroner. Many trip sailors get the boat France and sailing southward, but you must pay for rigging and preparation. It costs 40,000 dollars for Ovni and a few patches more for Allure. There is a lot extra to in place before such a boat is ready for the trip. The price will probably quickly fly over 500,000 additional if you should have advanced electronics, bow thruster, various sail for long trips and electrical aids. Moreover, you need heating, Spray hood and maybe a Bimini. Long distance sailors also need to produce power, so the wind generator, solar cells or diesel generator will probably be on many people's wish list. Both trip sailors would have Ovni Allure rather as a langturbåt to pull off
away with. Ovni is a more refined concept with a slightly lower entry price. Both boats deliver the goods as they properly, so the choice is more a case of taste.
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Re: Re: Ovni 445 vs. Allures 44


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