Welcome to the OVNI-Club

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Welcome to the OVNI-Club

Messagepar Admin » 21 Mai 2009, 11:48

Hi all,
First, a strong welcome to our Ovni-Club forum !
We have added this section to our discussion board based on some requests from international users and Ovni (UFO , should you be using the Google translator :wink: ) boat owners who do not speak french, so anyone can ask and entertain questions.

You will need to register to the discussion board first, in order to post any question or message. This will take you a couple of minutes, and is free of charge . This allows us to better control spam. By no means however does it prevent anyone from remaining anonymous, you can register with any name you choose and keep your email hidden from other users. Please use your boat name should you wish to become an OvniClub member. If when trying to register you do not receive your confirmation email, please check the "spam" folder of your email provider. Some providers may automatically flag the confirmation email as spam. .

=== >> The registration form in english is HERE.

If you are a boat owner please fill in your boat name as your user name. Otherwise your first name or nickname is fine. Should you wish to become an OVNI-Club member, please make sure to update your profile (see User Control Panel) and add your boat references e.g.: Ovni 52/ 3 cabins / 2010 (year made)/ 02 (production number or id, in this case this would be the 2nd Ovni 52 made).

Enjoy !

Kevin, for the board administration
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Re: Welcome to the OVNI-Club

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Re: Welcome to the OVNI-Club


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